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Latchkart is an Indian company providing hardware and fitting systems and electronic access control systems with a colorful history, started in Mr. Raghuraj. The company was started with a small team of 10 people with a mission to grow into a prosperous and successful company in the hardware industry. Latchkart is a hardware company that provides Architectural/Glass/Furniture/Kitchen hardware fittings. Latchkart operates in Hyderabad and is managed by experts with more than over 1 decade of experience in the Indian market. Today our customers are all over India. We trust in hard work and a good relationship with our clients.

Our business model

Latchkart is an Indian company that has been in the industry for over 10 years.

our business model you ( client ) are our family latchkart understand your need and dream

Our aim is to help customers and fulfill customer needs.

We succeed only when we satisfy our customers.

We find a better way for the customers who believe in us, we trust that, our customers are our strength

we are committed to the best quality product, unique concept, and high durability.

We strive to provide the best in the market by always delivering consistent quality services that exceed our customer's expectations. We are proud to conduct our business with integrity, through operating with honesty and virtue.

At Latchkart, we offer a variety of products to meet different tastes depending on what people are looking for at home, office, or warehouse.

Latchkart aims to solve your needs by providing complete architecture and other hardware to each customer at competitive prices.

It all started in 2012 when we realized there was a lack of quality hardware fittings available to builders and contractors. We are an Indian company concerned with high-quality products and a commitment to service excellence.


We provide cost-effective products latchkart Group has always been undertaking to bring a proposal to revolutionize in hardware fittings Industry of India. We believe in improvement through processes and products and have been supplying all over India with various technologies and products over the past 10 years of our journey. we want to continue with the same method.

We provide you with uniquely designed handles, locks, mortise, and other interior products made from Stainless Steel, Marable, and Brass. you can All time find the top collection of cabinet handles for various residential furniture or business furniture, it has a wide range of products to fit your interior design concept. incomplete without architecture or any other hardware. Therefore, the overwhelming need for quality hardware is driving hardware companies to offer a full range of architecture

Glass/Furniture/Kitchen Hardware fittings to our clients. Hence, we bring to you a list of top hardware companies (manufacturers and suppliers) in India of Architectural Hardware & Glass Fittings, Furniture Hardware & Kitchen Fittings, and the product range they offer. Furthermore, these products are of a large variety - from brass and steel hardware to premium and international hardware and fittings, etc.

Hardware fittings play an important role in every type of construction. Whether it is for residential or commercial purposes, every infrastructure is incomplete without architecture or any other hardware.

We understand the importance of hardware products hence latchkart provides you best products at an affordable price.

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