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Torque Hinges

latckart / 22/04/2024 16:04:26pm

Hinges or friction hinges, provide much-needed resistance to pivoting motion, making it perfect for lids, doors and panels to stay glued in place. These durable hinges are also perfect for holding display devices in the right position.

What is the use of hinges? 

Hinges are used to join two parts together, allowing them to rotate relative to each other. They usually have two flat faces, known as leaves. A leaf is attached to each part to be joined. The leaves usually have holes, so that a screw or bolt can be used and a knuckle can be made.

Torque hinges, or friction hinges, provide countermeasures to the hinge's main base motion, making these products suitable for holding lids, doors, panels, or display equipment at specific angles for increased duration.

By holding flaps and lids in place, workers can focus on other tasks and keep their hands free. Torque hinges reduce the risk of flaps and lids slamming shut, reducing the chance of injury.

Torque hinges can increase worker efficiency and maintenance simplicity.

Torque hinges are often used for equipment covers, on position-adjusting sections of monitors, and on lighting fixtures. Below are several examples of the ways in which they are frequently used in different industries to increase efficiency, convenience, ease of use, and reduce the potential for injury.

These are just some of the ways in which torque hinges are used in sequester industries.

Torque hinges are a type of speciality hinge that provides a specific level of tension or torque. They are typically used in applications that require a door or window to remain open or closed at a certain position, such as medical cabinets, wall-mounted tablet computers, or kitchen cabinets. The torque is adjustable, allowing the user to customize the force needed to open and close the door. They are a great way to add convenience and safety to any application.

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latckart / 22/04/2024 16:04:26pm

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Torque Hinges

latckart / 22/04/2024 16:04:26pm

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